It's That Time of Year Again!

Yeah, baby! It's back! The Bachelorette. More men. More drama. More Des. What more can we ask for. I've missed you, my lovely readers! Ahhh but alas, it is that time again. Let the rose giving, and the blogging, begin. I have looked through the Bios and pics and I will cast some early judgments...

BenAge: 28. Looks: 48. He's into blue women. Not cute. Wants a woman willing to try new things...code for "call me Christian Grey."

Brandon. Great taste in movies. Uses too much hair gel. Thrill seeker. Probably not a lifer. Looks a bit too frat boy. Not the cool frat boy but the keg stand, spring break, skirt chasing type.

Brian. Vying for the title of cheesiest contestant ever.

Chris. Tall. Plays Scrabble. Likes almonds. Baseball player...I can forgive him for the Cubs thing. What can I say. The guy seems ok. I think I'm gonna like him. But GO CARDS.

Drew. Drew. Drew. Early prediction = top 5. He's cute. He's funny. He's tall. He's active. Now if only he can convince big bro he's not a playboy.

James. Roided out. Wears lip gloss. Aspires to have Superman hair. Dumb as a box of rocks.

Jonathan. Mixed review. Pros - Pretty cute. Likes KOL. Has a nice bucket list. Cons - Included 'making out' in his bio. Not a romantic. Too many answers revolve around women. Might be a player.

Larry. Is this guy for real?

Mike R. Taylor Lautner's ugly British uncle with teeth that could short-circuit a black light.

Nick M. Says all the right things. Not so cute. Could possibly take an hour to get ready to go out...why? This one's a head scratcher.

Nick R. Magician (Better be good to impress me!). Made a milk reference toward women. Gross. Most likely a royal DB.

Will. Is ABC trying to punish Des?

Zack K. Great hair. Tall. Book publisher = healthy vocabulary. Baseball player. Impulsive. Handsome. Thank you God.

I hope you are all as excited as I am!! Weigh in with your opinions if you like any of Des' boys.


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