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Love Your Person

Well, hello there. Long time, no see, my lovely readers! I know, I know. I am THE. WORST. EVER. about disappearing for unacceptable amounts of time. *insert monkey emoji covering eyes* But here I am. Knocking the dust off of my blog. Sadly, I don't have anything Bachelor Nation for you. Except - what the heck was Jordan wearing at Monday's BIP rose ceremony?! Good gravy. But kudos to our model-faced villain for throwing Brownie the Big Dog into the ocean. David. Is. Ridiculous. But enough of that.

This post is a little more serious. It's about something I've thought deeply about a lot lately.  Love and stuff. More specifically, the ole 'ball and chain' as they say. My better half. The one who keeps me (somewhat) grounded. The one who gets me. My very best friend. My person. Yep, him. And boy do I love him. And he's pretty darn easy on the eyes, to boot!

I think, stereotypically, the term "best friend" most generally refers to actual friends. The peo…

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