Intelligency - It's a word now!

Hello, readers! This week, I cannot find the time to blog in full. However, I do have some thoughts to share...
  • At my next bonfire, there will most likely not be a conversation about maturity vs. emotional intelligence. But if there is, I want to know yooouuuuuurrrrrrr perspective on it.
  • Did it really only take a little heat from Taylor to make Corinne feel like an idiot? Nobody else has ever achieved that?
  • I'm going to try to make sure I don't ever have a "stank face" ON my face. Because having a face on my face would be bad enough, but if it were stank, ohhhh mannnn that's not good.
  • Sarah?? Of all people?! Curse you, Nick! Thanks for messing up my final four.
  • I'm pretty sure Nick chose the wrong line for his alligator head. Then again, she did say she would step outside of her box. Not "the" box. Her box.
  • Please ABC, never make us watch Nick eat powdered sugar again. Please.
  • Where can I buy some pink pig slippers?
  • Nick has officially earned the worst-group-dates-ever trophy.
  • Corinne has once again expanded her vocabulary. Intelligency. Use it in a sentence, y'all.
  • I wonder if Raven would be my friend.
  • Why would any man ever want to take a date (or dates) to a place where alligators dwell? Two words: deal. breaker.
  • Corinne got the rose? I guess he decided she was intelligency enough.
  • I guess you don't get a rose when you act like a bully normal human.
  • Exactly what types of butts don't belong in a swamp? Well, besides this one...

See you next week! Will it be the week nanny girl goes? Will she get the one-on-one? I say yes, and I say she doesn't get a rose. And I say I'm probably just wishful thinking. But if she stays another week, I may need to take up hooch shooters to get through it. Until next week, lovelies. Stay cool.

Oh, and if you haven't already hopped on THIS GUY'S latest single, just go on and download it. You won't be disappointed. Despite Jojo's lapse in judgement, I'd say he's done pretty good for himself.


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