Things Worth Pondering

Hello, readers! I have a very busy day on tap, and that day starts now. I will not be able to get a full blog up until tonight...or worse, possibly tomorrow night (after busy day #2). Therefore, I wanted to just throw a few things out there to think about...

Things Worth Pondering

  • Why is it not against the law to look THAT good in a!
  • How many different colored Toms does Sean own?
  • Why are the bugs so loud in Curacao?
  • Why does Sean never turn his head to deliver one of those awkward kisses?

  • Is Jef's picture in the dictionary next to the word perfect?
  • Do dolphins find Arie as sexy as the rest of us do?
  • WHY WHY WHY did she not give Arie the card?
  • Did ABC intentionally dress Arie and Harrison as twinkies at the rose ceremony?
  • Did Sean go back to Dallas and find some appropriate eyebrow dye? And is it just me or did they actually get lighter than flesh-colored before he left? Still creepy.
  • Has there ever been a funnier outtake reel?
Who's it going to be? Arie or Jef? Jef or Arie? Hit the Comment button below and share your guess!


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