Eye Candy, Part Deux

This, my lovelies, is my second installment of Eye Candy. It has been a while since I've shared my favorite eye candy (Click HERE to read Eye Candy, Part One) with you all. I will make mention of one bit of candy from part one. Other than that, they are all new to the list! This is my way of keeping it fresh, and giving credit where credit is due.

I will begin my second installment the same way I began the original. First, once again, my numero uno piece of eye candy... my dear hubby!

Isn't he cute?! As I said before, I dearly love this man. I am also well aware that there are several pieces of eye candy in celebrity land.

I must issue this disclaimer: I have not deviated from my affection for any of the men in my previous list. In addition, Josh Duhamel still tops my list. For that reason, he is the only one who gets a repeat appearance.

Here he is, the object of my eye candy affection. The celebrity apple of my eye. Since his days on All My Children, he has made quite the voyage into the lives of many people... most recently, Nicholas Sparks fans, thanks to Safe Haven on the big screen. Since I am including a “repeat offender” in the list, I will at least give you fresh pictures to look at.

Next in the list, is my number two. He has been my country music crush since “All My Friends Say” dropped in 2007. He has only gotten more gorgeous since then... not to mention his OH-so-refined dance moves. Before you is a picture perfect specimen of a country star. Those eyes. That hair. That tan. Those sparkling white teeth. Oh dear. Be still my heart.

Doin' his thaaaaang. Ooooh La La

Completely in his element!

From my favorite video, "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye"

Showing off his pearly whites

Ok ok. Yeah yeah. I know. Picture overload. I had to make myself stop. He’s so pretty.

Next, the rest of this installment’s hunks. My two favorites made the top of the list. The rest, however, are in no particular order.

Shemar Moore. Mmmmm, this piece of art is sommmmme kind of sexy. I don’t watch Criminal Minds. However, Diary of a Mad Black Woman is one of my favorites. A person would have to be legally blind not to see this man’s appeal.

Adam Levine. Looks like the epitome of a hot bad boy rocker. Except he's not so much a bad boy. He sings. He hosts a successful TV show. He's funny. He's Adam.

Channing Tatum. Alright, some of you might be thinking this is a little too cliche. While that may be somewhat true, he made my list because I genuinely see something in him. Going on looks alone, I'm not sure if he'd have ranked here. That said, he loves his wife and baby. He has a strong jawline. Nice lips. Great hair. He can dance like no other. And, ummm, how do I say this delicately... he works out.

David Freese. Where athletes are concerned, this one is a hot one. I'm a Cardinals fan first (Yankees second). Therefore, I stuck with the red birds roster for this list. David is fun to watch. He's athletic. He has a great smile. He's so very handsome. Great smile. Looks good in street clothes. Still looks good without his hat (some of them do NOT). Fills out the back of his baseball pants. I'm not lying. His derrière has it's own Twitter... . I came face to face with him in his Range Rover. True story. Anyway, check him out.

David Beckham. Oh David. The sexpot that put soccer on the map. Ok, maybe that's not fair to say...lots of people watch soccer. However, he put it on the map for me. He and Victoria make the hottest celebrity couple. Right up there with Josh and Fergie. I don't know what else needs to be said about this one. The pictures say it all.

Tim Tebow. The football player surrounded by controversy. He is a man of God, and he is proud of it. Enough said. All of the controversy aside, he is a very handsome dude. Like his methods or don't like them... he is still fun to look at!

JR Ramirez. I first "met" this guy watching Emily Owens, M.D. I'm still having withdrawals since the show got cut, by the way. This guy has that thing I like. The dark hair. The dark eyes. The beautiful brown skin. Here he is.

Kellan Lutz. Ok, full disclosure. I'm not a watcher of the Twilight series. Not even tempted to see any of it. The whole vampire thing is lost on me I suppose. That said, I would have to live under a rock to not know who this hunk is! If an artist were told to paint a portrait of the quintessential heartthrob, this would be the result.

Chris Hemsworth. Such a cutie. He really is quite dashing. He is cuter than his brother, Liam. Therefore, he made the list.

Wes Brown. This guy was on 90210. I watched it regularly, just like I did the original 90210 back in the day. This is not a face that people go gaga for. However, there is just something about him that gets me. Something I can't express. He just has.... something. That something has landed him in my list.

Rickie Fowler. This cutie tears up the links in style. He is well-dressed. He's colorful. He has great hair. And again, he has that thing. The brown skin. The dark features. You know the thing. He has a philanthropic soul. He's quite a lovable guy. Plus, I got a fist bump from him in Ft. Worth. Yes. I have arrived.

And last but not least, my sister's addition to the list. Ryan Reynolds. He is definitely easy on the eyes. He is funny. He is charming. Looks great with facial hair. Nice pick, sis!

Honorable mention - Mike Matheny. Liked him in his days as a catcher, but now... 
Best looking manager in MLB!

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Eye Candy!


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