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First off, my favorite eye candy is - and will always be - my handsome hubby! Take a look.

In Dallas for the Razorbacks game
Kentucky Lake

Anniversary trip to Nashville
Kobe's 13th birthday...spent golfing, of course!

However, that doesn’t dismiss the fact that there are some fun-to-look-at hotties floating around in celebrity land. Therefore, I decided to dedicate an entire post to some of the eye candy that made entertainment more entertaining in 2011. My top 15.
The following hotties are listed in no particular order except for the fact that I’m going to begin with my personal number one celebrity hottie.

Josh Duhamel

My one true TV love since the day he walked onto the set of All My Children all those years ago as the charming Leo du Pres. Not sure words can accurately describe the over-the-top dashing good looks of this beefcake. Sinful. It is no surprise that he married a beauty like Fergie. Beautiful couple award!!


The beautiful brown debonaire singer that mesmerizes me with his voice and his smooth moves. He has class and style like no other. I can’t say enough good things about this first-rate performer.

Jesse Metcalfe

There’s just something about dark skin and dark features that make me smile. Dayyyyyy Ummmmm this man is fawwwwweeeeennnnn! I watched John Tucker more than once just because of him. I’m not a DH watcher, sadly. However I can’t wait for Dallas to begin airing. I WILL be a watcher. So many hott pics to choose from, but I love his pearly whites so I couldn't resist a toothy grin pic. Ciao bello. PS - You're welcome for the two-for-one ab pic.

Ryan Gosling

While I loved The Notebook, at the time I watched it I was more into the story than the man. He didn’t hit my radar until Crazy Stupid Love. And boy did he hit it hard! One scene in particular.

Yeah, this is the scene...

Seriously! It's like you're Photoshopped!

Bradley Cooper

This blue-eyed hottie is beyond easy-on-the-eyes. There is just something so captivating about this one. He has graced the screen in all sorts of outstanding roles - Wedding Crashers, The Hangover, All About Steve, Valentine’s Day, but ESPECIALLY Limitless. His hott-o-meter was off the charts in that movie. Love me some Bradley.

And a well-deserved accolade...

Eric Dane

What can I say except....FINE looking man! Valentine’s Day sealed the deal on my feelings for Eric. In Marley & Me, my eyes perked up when he entered. But in Valentine’s Day my love for him truly deepened. Yummy.

It's no surprise that bowl is smiling!

Taylor Lautner

The dark skin. The dark features. Not many guys earn the title of pretty, but he is one of them. I have not watched Twilight nor its sequels, however you don’t have to be a fan of vampires to know who Taylor is.

Chris Pine

This  gorgeous man stole my heart with his role in Unstoppable. Wow. Nice. The 5 o’clock shadow is just the icing on the cake.

Will Smith

Oh Will. I was crazy about him in his primetime days as a funny man, but it wasn't until he shed his Fresh Prince persona that I began to see him as a bona fide sexpot.

Ashton Kutcher

His comedic talent definitely works in his favor, but believe you me, that is only a PART of his appeal. Fun to look at indeed!

Cam Gigandet

I first took notice of this heartthrob in The Roommate. I was watching the movie, really into it, and boom. Enter Cam. I was like, “Whaaa?? Who is this?!” So dreamy.

Paul Walker

This guy just has classic good looks with blue eyes a person could get lost in. This Fast & Furious actor is what I call a true hunk. And how is it that he looks good in every single picture out there. Most photogenic hunk ever!

Nick Zano

Nick, aka studmuffin Vince from What I Like About You, has been a cutie in my book from the get-go. Since that show he has made a string of appearances in many shows I’ve liked. He turned bad boy doctor into sexy on Melrose Place. His new style in 2 Broke Girls is also working for him. Goes to show, this man can rock any look... especially the shirtless one.

Tom Brady

It is no secret that this Patriots quarterback has his share of haters, but I assure you I am not one of them. Admittedly, I’m not much of a football watcher nor do I know much about it. For all I know, on the field he may be what people accuse him of being. But for the purposes of this list, he is definitely one of my favorites. He and Gisele make about he most beautiful couple...well, except for Josh and Fergie.

Matt Lanter

Anyone who watches the new 90210 knows where I’m coming from with this guy. Like Cam, he too was in The Roommate. But his big role is as Liam Court. What a nice addition to the BH zip code. Oh those dimples. Oh that hair. Oh those eyes.

A couple of additions solely for the entertainment of someone besides myself. This one’s for the girls...

Justin Timberlake

I do love me some JT, but I’m adding him to this list for my sister. The love of her life since about the age of 9, JT makes the list. He’s bringing sexy back...

Zac Efron

A cutie for sure, but not necessarily one of my personal faves. This addition is for my gal pal. HSM no more, my friends...

Honorable mentions: Chace Crawford, Enrique Iglesias, David Beckham, George Clooney and the great Brad Pitt. They just missed the list. That doesn’t dismiss their status as hotties, though. Let me leave you with one of the best pictures floating around on the internet. Someone I've always loved...to look at...


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