The Happy Birthday Hubby Post

Simple disclaimer: If you are not into the whole gushing-over-a-wonderful-spouse thing, I strongly suggest you forgo reading the following, as it may contain content not suitable for those easily irritated by mushy posts.

I don’t often publicly sing the praises of my wonderful husband, nor do I often engage in the overall gushing over the great man who I am lucky enough to be spending my life with. However, today is his birthday and I find it appropriate to do such. It is almost unfair of me not to occasionally gush and be sentimental. Not only do I want to wish my one true love a super happy birthday but I also want to share with others what a genuinely great man he is. Those who know him (especially those who know him best) are well aware that he is kind, easy-going, positive, funny, sensitive and compassionate, among other things. But it goes much deeper than that. He is a man of great character. He is a Godly man. He is loyal. He is trustworthy. He is intelligent. He is wise. He is thoughtful. He is dependable. He loves his friends. He loves his family. But most of all he loves his children and his wife. He loves us more than life itself. I know that sounds cliché but it is the truth. His love for us is immeasurable. Growing up, and as a young adult, I hoped and prayed I’d find a man who would be a great father and a great husband. I found that man. It is almost surreal how perfect he is for me, actually. Nobody is a perfect person, that just doesn’t exist. But let me be clear, he is the perfect man for me. I am a handful, and I sometimes give him a run for his money. But he is patient, he is forgiving, and he knows that I love him even at my worst. He overlooks my “moments” and is waiting to hug me when I calm down from those moments. He caters to my every need, and to as many of my wants as he is able to. He cooks, very excellently. He cleans, even though his definition of clean sometimes slightly differs from mine. He does laundry... except when I tell him not to ;) . He sometimes brings me breakfast in bed. He lays a blanket on me and kisses my forehead when I’m cold, tired or I just do not feel the greatest. When I am sick he nurses me back to health. And he does all of that without being asked to. He makes me feel loved at all times, even when I don’t feel lovable. He is affectionate. He tells me I’m beautiful. He compliments me always. He kisses me before work, he kisses me after work. He tells me he loves me every time we part ways, every time we talk on the phone, every night, every morning... there is never a time I doubt his love. He doesn’t just say it, he shows it every day of his life, in all of the things he does for me. I do not think I deserve such a great man but I try to let him know how thankful I am for him. I love him more than words could ever express. Sometimes I am too dependent on him but he never complains, and I do mean never. We argue, sometimes passionately. We are normal in that way. But admittedly, it is usually because I started it, and I am usually the one arguing passionately. I don’t always admit to that, but I do instigate most (if not all) of it. Luckily, he finds a way to calm me down. He waits patiently for me to get over whatever I’m wound up about. He could easily react in a harsh way but he doesn’t. It’s just not in his nature.

Why am I publicly gushing like this, you may wonder? Because I never do, and because I am feeling especially thankful today. Thankful for my husband and my life. Thankful that I look forward to date night as much now as ever. Thankful that I get excited to see him after a long day. Thankful that I am attracted to him as much now (if not more!) as when our love was new. Thankful that we have so much fun together. Thankful for all of that and more. I feel like people don’t want to hear that stuff, at least not on social media. Therefore, I very rarely gush about such things. That is why I am blogging about it instead of putting it on Facebook. I want to talk about it. I want to sing his praises. I want others to know what a great man he is. But I won’t force it onto anyone’s newsfeed. If you have taken the time to click the link to this blog post, and if you are still reading, you probably love love. I most certainly do. I love love. And I love my husband. He is the greatest man I know. He was raised by a great man who showed him how to be a great man, and for that I am thankful. And I am thankful he is putting forth the same example to our sons. I can only hope they are the husband to their wives that their dad is to me.

I do apologize if this has made you a little nauseated, or if it has given you a cavity. I am at home and sick for the third day in a row and writing is the only thing I am able to physically do, so I may have written in excess. I realize this all may sound as if I’m trying to paint a picture of perfection. That is not my intention. Nothing in life is perfect. But some things seem pretty darn close. My husband is one of those things, in my opinion. I am fully aware there are cynics who might criticize this post. That may be because there are instances where people gush to overcompensate for a weakness. We’ve all seen it. But I happily say that is not the case here. I just plain old love my husband, and he just plain old loves me. It's as simple as that. And it is an added bonus that he is smokin' hott. We have a simple life and a great love. Period. Happy birthday, baby. Thanks for being you!!


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