Hiatus, Part Deux - Where Have I Been?

WOW! I thought 3 weeks was a long time to go without blogging. But 4 months...well that’s just ludicrous. Nonetheless, here goes.
In my absence, life has been extremely busy. Since my last post, chronologically speaking, school has begun. My baby entered his first “real” year of school. Kindergarten. He has hit the big time now. It didn’t take him long to win over his teacher. I hear stories of how well-behaved he is and I think, “is this really my child we are talking about?!” Of course it makes me wonder why he doesn’t reserve some of this behavior for home. But oh well...I’d much rather him behave well at school than at home. Moving on, my middle child entered 3rd grade. Overall, things are going well. He played his first year of Mighty Mites football. Now THAT was a fun experience. My little bobble head on a football field. WARNING: Gratuitous boasting ahead. In his first game, he scored 2 touchdowns! Such a proud moment for a Mom. My oldest, well he is in the 8th grade now. I have him in class for the 3rd year in a row. I have been fortunate enough to have taught him in 6th, 7th and now 8th. This is it, though. He moves on to high school after this. The sadness is setting in. My eyes well up as I type. Let’s not discuss it.
What else? Hmmm
Oh yeah. I added 2 states to my “Visit all 50 states before I die” list! Illinois and Indiana, I cross you off. This is thanks to a super fun road trip with a dear friend. We went to Indiana to see her Mom. Such a fun trip in all sorts of ways.
Took a trip to Dallas to watch the Hogs play A&M in the house that Jerry built. Another fun trip with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Always a treat! That stadium - oh man, there are no words.
I must brag on my wonderful hubby. We have a December anniversary. We normally go to Branson for our anniversary (with the exception of last year - we went to Florida!), and each time we do I hint that I’d love to see the Spirit of the Dance Christmas show. We always end up doing other things, though. Given, he has never actually expressed that he didn’t want to go. However he has never jumped at the idea of going. Soooo I’ve never pursued it aggressively. Recently he says to me, “I was going to take you to see Spirit of the Dance this year, but it’s no longer there.” You can guess what I was thinking. One word - convenient! BUTTTT.... just as disappointment set it, he surprised me with tickets to see the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. The real deal. Yayy! Nashville instead of Branson. Rockettes instead of the SOTD girls. He redeemed himself.
Currently, I am in full blown Christmas mode. My tree has been up for nearly a month. I have many gifts bought. My children are excited. Life is good.
Until next time... which, incidentally, will NOT be 4 months from now.


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