Sambuca Nashville

Cheesecake in the traditional sense was not on the menu at Sambuca Nashville. This was ok with me, as they still offered up cheesecake...just packaged a little differently. It was not the creamy wedge with a graham cracker bottom that I am used to ordering. It was a diversion from the ordinary...but I can handle it. They served up a mean Cheesecake Sopapilla  that basically came with its own halo. Heavenly is an appropriate adjective to use for this delectable dessert. Folks, this is no ordinary sopapilla which can be ordered in one of the twenty-bazillion Mexican restaurants on every street corner in America. This is creamy sweet deliciousness in a toasty pastry shell topped with cinnamon and sugar, drizzled in chocolate & trimmed with pieces of fresh fruit. And as they say, it’ll make you wanna slap your mama! Goodness gracious it was ever-so-tasty! If you ever visit one of the four Sambuca locations, I recommend this dessert! Here is a pic to feast your eyes upon. PS - This was our anniversary trip, so please overlook the chocolate message on the plate...


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