SNAFUs Stink

Ok readers. I am ready to share my recap with you for this week's Bachelorette. However, as life goes, I am experiencing a SNAFU. Situation normal all fouled up. Or as Emily would put it.... oh never mind. Anyhoo. My Internet is down. Blame HughesNet.

For the time being, I leave you with some fleeting thoughts:

1. Look up arrogant on your dictionary app, and I'm pretty sure you'll see Kalon's ugly face.

2. Sean still has creepy flesh-colored eyebrows.

3. I want to go shopping with Ems.

4. Ryan's game is tired. Hear me? TIRED!

5. Kiss count: Arie - 27, Everyone else - 6 collectively.

6. When I need etiquette lessons, I won't be calling Jean.

7. When Kalon needs to practice his Shakespeare, you can all just run along as he channels his inner thespian.

8. I'd pay good money to watch sweet Ems go all West Virginia hood rat backwoods on somebody's a**.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments section...


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