First Performances, Week 1

Tonight was the beginning of what I anticipate will be a beautiful season. I expected more out of some, but was not disappointed that my faves all did their songs justice. I believe some of the contestants must have left the stage fighting tears of pain, others fighting tears of joy. Either way, I was entertained. This season is going to rock! Sing on!


Eye makeup. Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lead with that. I’m not the hugest country music fan. However, Shania is definitely one of the greats. And although I am guilty of singing Honey I’m Home at the top of my lungs when noone is watching, it is not the song for the Idol stage. Karaoke bar maybe. Not Idol. Lauren is still annoying.


I ask myself WHERE this guy has been. WHERE the heck has he been! I don’t understand why he hasn’t been discovered. Really, has there never been a moment where someone listening to him sing didn’t think to themselves that he is THE REAL DEAL! Oh boy, oh Lordy, seriously dude. This cat is fo’ real!


Once again, disappointed. OF COURSE she picked Diana. Of course she did. They just told her last week she reminds them of Diana. So this week she claims Diana is her idol. Duh! C’mon Ashton, be original. Ugh. I DO NOT like this chick!


Paul sweet Paul. I love his chicken wing. I really love this guy. I like his quirky dance moves. So sue me.


Four words - shut the front door. This woman is phenomenal! Who has pipes like that? WHO? I really can’t even find the words. I just know that as she sang I was like, “Celine who?” Goosebumps. I almost cried.


Baby I AMMMM amazed! Am I the only one out there who feels he is the best.rocker.ever on this show?! And by rocker I mean metal rocker. I’d never disrespect the great Daughtry! Who remembers Steelheart. Tesla. Slaughter. Yes I’m going there. He doth possess THAT kind of talent, yes he does. Plus, I heart his sweet personality and stellar faux hawk!


Love her brown eyes. But unfortunately, I was the one who was left blue tonight. I do like Miss Haley but bad song choice, my dear. Thank you Randy for calling out the bore factor. I feel like I am going to hear that gentle yodel the rest of the night playing in my mind. I don’t know...bottom 3 for sure. Yo-de-lay-he-who.


R Kelly? That’s Jacob’s hero? Really? I felt uncomfortable watching his lips quiver in the beginning of the song when he had to do something besides sing at the top of his lungs, mouth wide open as if catching bugs. What the heck with that one long note that made birds fall from the sky. And were those backup singers wearing church choir robes or graduation gowns? Confusing all around. I believe I can cry.


This little cutie makes me smile. A lot. So effortless in her angelic melodies. I’m a little worried people won’t relate to tonight’s performance. That said, you won’t find me speaking ill of my little Thia Megia.


I would imagine Jen’s libido was pulsating. Not sure he did Stevie proud, but I liked it. And judging by the head bobbing motion Jen was making, I’m pretty sure she liked it too. She called him baby. Awww.


Fitting that her idol is someone I don’t know. Ok, so her idol is a Latina singer who had a movie made after her. Who played Selena in the movie? J-Lo. WHAT? NOOOO. Nicely played, Karen. Or not.


At least he picked someone other than Josh Turner as his idol. I honestly didn’t expect Garth, but he couldn’t have picked a better idol. Garth is hard to top. Scotty is an impeccable country singer no doubt about it. Just for whatever reason, he isn’t one of my personal faves. I’m totally rooting for Nashville to pick this guy up though.


Rihanna. Now THAT’S more like it!! My kind of idol, baby! Naima (love her name, btw) looked really cute in rehearsal. With the newsboy hat and tall cons. Yes, girl. But the vocals. Ouch. Rihanna is way too big for her. Way too big for most people actually. This performance made NO sense to me. What was it? All of the jerky moves were creepy. The brief rapping segment was confusing. The dancing was atrocious. Yes, I just channelled my inner Simon. I miss him. I prefer him over the dog. Ok, re-focusing. Was she speaking another language in her post performance segment with Ryan? What was that? What did she say?

I’m guessing the bottom 3 will be Naima, Haley and Karen. Although wishful thinking compels me to say Ashton might make the bottom 3. I’m off to go stand under my umb-a-rella ella ella.


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