The First Vote-Off

What a crib they are shacked up in! The opening song - MJ. I’m all about it! Naima seriously needs some moves. That leg kick in the beginning. Ewww. And watching Ashton make love to the camera. Oh my! Ick. Cute top though. It’s black, it’s white...that’s the stuff. Man in the mirror too? Somebody knocked the opening scene out of the park. But why no Billie Jean? Sad face.

I sure hope Ford pays a pretty penny for all of these REdonkulous commercials. I hit fast forward.

Taking the stage: Jacob, Karen, Stefano. My heart raced a little. No question in my mind that Stefano deserves to move on. I secretly, well not so secretly, hoped he’d be the only one to move on. No such luck. One more week of quiver lips. Karen hits stage left.

Thank you Idol for a little taste of Lambert. Could’ve done without that signature screaming, but it comes with the territory so I’m cool with it.

Next on stage: Lauren, Ashton, Haley. I’ve made it painfully obvious I want Ashton in the bottom 3, but as I look at these 3 standing there, I feel nervous. I am thinking America will keep Lauren around a little longer. And I’m afraid it’s the same story for Ashton. I’m worried Haley will be second in the bottom 3. Wellll two out of three ain’t bad. Ashton - bottom 3! Hip hip hooray. Unfortunately, Haley too. Props to Haley for choosing that outfit! Lookin’ stylish.

Must have been nice for the others on the couch to never even have to take center stage! My Pauly is through! My James is through! My Thia! My Pia! Woohoo!

Ashton in the bottom 3, Diddy takes the stage, sweeeet! It’s my night so far.

As I sit and watch the bottom 3 file back to center, my fingers are crossed so tightly that Haley gets relief first! But it was Karen. Oh well. As I look at what’s left, my heart drops. I’m shaking for Haley. The moment comes. Ryan hesitates.......Ashton! YESSSSS! See ya. It ISSSSS my night! Apparently I wasn’t the only one that didn’t feel her. Happy face. As she sang for “the save” I, along with the rest of the world, knew in my heart of hearts it was a futile attempt. Buh bye Ashton Jones...good riddance to you and your over the top eye makeup. As I watched her snotting to her exit video, I gagged and thanked the stars she’s out!


  1. I want you to know that I ordinarilly don't watch Idol from after auditions to finale. I only watch those episodes. LOL I like to make fun of the idiots that think they can sing and then find out who actually can on the finale.
    But because I enjoy your blog so much... I have now started "watching" the show. And by watching I mean, I listen to the first 15 seconds. If you don't catch me, you get fast forwarded. LOL


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