Cupid Shot My Kindergartner

Ahhh Valentine’s Day. Such a sweet holiday. I, personally, have always loved this day...even moreso since I met the love of my life. This day gets more enjoyable every year we are together. I also love Valentine’s episodes of TV shows. I love chocolate. I love flowers. I love romance. You get the point. It’s my second favorite holiday. Santa, then Cupid.
But this post isn’t about my love for romance or chocolate. It’s about one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard about my own child.
The Friday before Valentine’s Day, my son’s wonderful teacher told them about this holiday and about Cupid. Even though I wasn’t there, I can totally picture Rhett sitting there, legs crossed, head thrown back, fully enthralled in the story. Cupid’s legacy resonated with him. I am confident of this because it was still on his mind at recess. How do I know? I’ll answer that for you.
The teachers on duty at recess were approached by Rhett’s good friend, Millie. She told the duty teachers that Rhett had tried to kiss her. The duty teachers looked around for Rhett and saw him laid across a swing on his belly, flying through the air like a little airplane. They called him over and asked him if he’d tried to kiss Millie. He said yes he had done that. They asked him why. His response was this:
“Cupid’s arrow bounced off of the ground and shot me, so I had to give some love.”
Now if you don’t know Rhett, this might not seem like much of a funny story. But those who know him will see the humor in it. I questioned him about it and he very confidently and matter-of-factly explained that he was only trying to kiss her on the cheek as he kisses his brothers on the cheek. These two kiddos definitely have a special friendship.
Never will I ever let a Valentine’s Day pass without talking about Cupid’s arrow going awry on the playground that February day in 2012. The things kids say!


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