And I Was All Like Whaaaa?!?!


I'll have my recap up this evening. However, until then I have some questions for you to ponder...

1) Why is Ben weeding out the blondes?

2) Who says oh snap anymore?

3) Aren't the words "I have lots of guy friends" code for I don't get along well with women?

4) Who lets a tarantula crawl around on their body as if it were cute little baby bunny rabbit?

5) And THE MOST important question of all: When did Ben the charming winemaker transform into an idiot horndog being guided by a certain appendage? That last part stems from the fact that I truly believe he is keeping Courtney and her weird lip around for overnights.

And yet another unflattering pic to enjoy:

And a pic that brings me to my knees in sorrow. How did she land a date with Jesse? Will I still be a fan of his (see Eye Candy post)? I'll have to think about it!


  1. I seriously skipped her whole date! She is going to win! Yuck!


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