50 Shades of Don't Let The Door Hit You

Last night's episode was quite the cornucopia of the good, the bad and the downright ugly. When I sit down later to write my full recap, I have plenty of things to say. However, there are some things worth mentioning now just to give us a few things to daydream about.

1. In the opening promo, did anyone else notice anything eye-catching about Sean in his blue shorts atop the cliff. No? Ok, I need to check myself.

2. Am I the only one who secretly wished Arie would've brought a video montage of his steamy moments with Ems? Probably. Stop it, Michelle.

3. Tierra is the new black. And by black I mean Courtney.

4. Nicki Minaj called. She wants her jacked up Suth'n doppleganger back.

5. Is there a 12-step program for Post-It addictions?

6. There's a prize waiting on the person who can successfully count the number of teeth in Kristy's mouth.

7. Did Daniella roll out of bed, throw lipstick on, practice her secret handshake and put on her best prom dress from the 90s?

8. Did I spy a shoeless poodle in the contestant pool?

9. In what universe does ANY dude dig a Kumbaya moment?

10. Anyone know where I can learn how to do one and a half back flips in an evening gown?

11. Who else will never look at blue ties the same?

12. What's good TV without the occasional neck brace?

13. Monkey on a beach? Sweet!

Plenty more will be up later in the recap. For now, spend your day trying to burn from your mind the image of the harrowing debacle that WAS Ashley P. Never mind the fact that the blue tie got more action than Sean.

Until later, my lovelies!

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