O Brother, Where Art Thou?


Hi, my name is Des and I am currently looking for a new brother. I need someone who:

  • Doesn't wear a smirk 24/7
  • Knows another big word besides reciprocation
  • Knows how to act like a normal human being instead of a tool
  • Has decent taste in tattoos
  • Won't run off my boyfriends
  • Thinks about someone other than himself
  • Doesn't look and act like a Grand Wizard
  • Has a dentist
  • Doesn't think the word playboy is something people still say. It's 2013!
  • Won't call my choices stupid
  • Won't tell my boyfriends he wants to "holla at'chu"
  • Isn't a complete D-bag
  • And most importantly, doesn't act like this:

Sincerely, Des

WORST.HOMETOWN.EVER. Full recap up tonight!

Until then, let's think of how many different G-rated(ish) names we can think of for this guy. Throw your ideas in the Comments section below.

Until tonight, Bachelor fans!


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