The Crazy Eye Has Spoken

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched, you might not want to read this mini-blog.

Well, my lovelies, did I call it or did I call it? I knew that girl had something hiding beneath her capital L, that organization, all of those tears and that bedroom voice. Girlfriend wasn't havin' it. She went from crying a river (which wasn't forced or intentional AT ALL) in her video, to issuing a death glare at being denied a rose. No words. Just eye darts. If she could've given him a swift kick in the berries, she would've. But then she might tarnish that "Scarlett O'Hara" image she tries so hard to convey. That girl is probably crazier than Tierrible. She just does a better job at hiding it.

Catherine. What the heck happened. Last week, I'd have put a twenty dollar bill on her to go home. This week, I could tell from the moment they met eyes that he was smitten with her. Out came a connection I had failed to notice before. Shame on me. Girl got taste in swimsuits, though. Best bikini award goes to our Filipino beauty.

Lindsay. Oh how I do love her. The baby talk and lip puckers... that, I could do without. However, Sean had no problem with it as he quickly escorted the General's daughter to the fantasy suite to "talk" all night, uninterrupted. Wonder what they talked about. World peace? Politics? Cupcakes?

For the record, I miss Des.

Enjoy your day, Bachelor fans. And beware of the crazy eye. Be on the lookout for the full recap later this evening.

The crazy eye has spoken!


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