The Cheesecake Factory

How have I never added this one to my list of favorite cheesecakes? THIS is the one. The Grand Poobah of all cheesecakes. The best I’ve ever had, hands down! While The Cheesecake Factory has an extensive menu of tasty-looking choices, I walked through the doors knowing exactly what I was there for. Not a Cobb salad, not a Cuban sandwich, I was only interested in a delicious slice of cheesecake. And not some specialty froufrou piece of Lemon Raspberry or Peanut Butter Cup Fidge Ripple...I’m talking about the Original. Topped with strawberries of course. I always opt for fresh strawberries or strawberry topping on my cheesecake. I’m also down with a light accent of chocolate glaze when available.

I digress.
This cheesecake! Words can’t do it justice. Try it. You WON’T be disappointed!


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