Country Music Concert Look

This week's style is dedicated to the country music concert look, as this entry falls on the heels of my fun time at a SICK Eric Church concert over the weekend. While these aren't the boots I bought for myself, I do love these boots. I never pictured myself as a cowboy - or shall I say cowgirl - boot type of gal but now that I have some of my own, I'm developing a passion for them. They aren't just for cowgirls anymore. There's a certain element of fashion that has been incorporated into what was once almost exclusively a signature shoe of riders and ropers. I am neither of those, but I am a lover of cute shoes. And believe you me, there are some cuuu-uuute cowgirl boots on the market now...and this week's style features a pair of them. Also pictured are some clothing and accessories I find awesome! So ladies, go out and buy yourself a new pair of really hot heel kickers and get your cowgirl on. (Click the picture for item details and to see this on Polyvore)

Country Music Concert


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