Spoiler Alert - Mystery Girl Revealed

Whoa! There's a word. Whoa! So I'm sitting home today nursing a doozy of a stomach-ache. Stretched out in the recliner, resting, watching my favorite morning news program, GMA. Then it happened. A commercial for tonight's Bachelor which shows the mystery girl. Boom. There she was. Without so much as a "spoiler alert" content warning to forewarn viewers. As an extreme lover of surprises, you can imagine my shock and disappointment. How could ABC disclose Ben's mystery girl in such a blatant manner. In earlier previews we have seen the other girls appearing not to be familiar with the mystery girl, asking questions such as, "who is that?". Have these girls been living under a rock? We now know that the mystery guest is... SPOILER ALERT...

Shawntel Newton! Yes THAT Shawntel. The one with the vein drain and the leakage. Brad's Shawntel. Or as he called her: Shawn-tall. Or was it Shan-tell. The boy always did a mix-and-match when pronouncing Shawntel and Chantal.
Anyhoo, we have seen waist down previews of her entrance on tonight's episode, where the other girls don't have a clue who it is. This brings a question to mind. In the pre-screening process, do they not ask "do you watch the show"? Moving on, now it's out there. Nothing left to the imagination, except of course the reason for her return. After all, how does she even know Ben? Why would they allow something like this? Why wouldn't they toss someone a little more controversial in the mix...someone with the last name Money comes to mind. Maybe business is slow and Shawntel would like to provide some burial plot counseling. Maybe she feels her 15 minutes of fame wasn't satisfactory. Maybe she wants to land a spot on the next Bachelor Pad. Who knows. But whatever happens, submissive little Shawntel will probably regret jumping into this viper pit, for she will get eaten alive. Oh well, at least she has the hookup for a final resting place. I, personally, can't wait to watch it all play out!

Until tonight.


  1. This is soooo strange! Would have been my last guess as to who it was!


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